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The Girl On the Train

The Girl on the Train is a mystery thriller authored by Paula Hawkins published in 2015.Rachel,the protagonist who is divorced and lives in an apartment with another roommate. She is unstable and keeps forgetting things after having blackouts. Rachel finds it challenging to move on from her old marriage and gets herself in embarrassing situations.Continue reading “The Girl On the Train”

Children of Blood and Bone

‘Children of Blood and Bone was inspired by the Yoruba culture and was a debut novel of Tomi Adeyemi. The author desired to write a book featuring black people, which also highlighted the oppression and racism against a class of people. 

Clockwork Angel: Overrated?

. The protagonist, Theresa Gray is an orphan. After the death of her maternal aunt, Theresa receives a letter and a ticket from her brother Nate asking her to follow him to London and live there.She doesn’t find her brother waiting for her on her arrival. Instead, the Dark Sisters kidnaps and threatens her withContinue reading “Clockwork Angel: Overrated?”

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