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Children of Blood and Bone

‘Children of Blood and Bone was inspired by the Yoruba culture and was a debut novel of Tomi Adeyemi. The author desired to write a book featuring black people, which also highlighted the oppression and racism against a class of people. 

The world of  Orisha basically constituted of 2 sorts of people Majis are those people who are born with white hair indicating the possession of magical power. There are different clans among Majis like reaper, connector, tider, burner etc…who own unique powers. And the kosidáns are non-magical people. 

Courage does not always roar. Valour does not always shine.

This book is written from the POV of three characters: Zelie(protagonist), Inan and Amaria

As Saran, the king of Orisha (and who obviously hates Majis) finds a way to oppress magic. He launches a strike on them leading to the death of many including Zelie’s mother who was a reaper. It had a tremendous impact on the life of Majis. They were subjected to oppression, torture and poverty moreover they also had to deal with unreasonable rules and taxes they were forcibly bounded to.

Amari, the daughter of Saran when witnesses the brutality of her father and steals the scroll, an artefact that could bring back the magic. While she was escaping from the guards she collides with Tzain and Zelie who saves her. Zeile awakens the power of a reaper(Maji of life and death) when she touches the scroll. In order to reconnect the lost connection between the Majis and the gods, they needed to perform a ritual that required the presence of two other artefacts: sunstone & a bone dagger.

Inan, the coming king of Orisha follows the trio in order to bring back his sister and to stop the revival of Magic. Through series of events, he also awakens his powers as a connector (Maji of mind spirit and dreams). Which terrifies him as he realises he is among the race of people his father detests the most and hides it. While taking advantage of it he visits Zelie in her dreams and converses with her. Their chats arouse his desire for peacemaking between the Majis & Kosidan,

Was this my cup of tea?

This fantasy debut novel was quite popular before its release owing to its involvement of black characters. As of for me, I could not connect with this book at all. The plot sounded intriguing initially, but as it reached around 200 pages, many things messed up my interest, the characters and the insta-love which seemed forced and wasn’t convincing in the least sense. They literally fell in love within a few moments of meeting each other.

 The writing style didn’t sway me at all, and barely discerned notable lines which weren’t cliche. I was so indifferent to the book that even the death of certain characters didn’t deject me. Yet another book in which the protagonist was bothersome. Zelie was so immature and would just blow up for no reason. Inan was a bit of a coward and indecisive. Sometimes I would feel like he had no distinct temperament, he keeps swapping his plan and attitude from page to page. The secondary characters, Amari and Tzain were just so-so.

About the Author    

Tomi Adeyemi (born August 1, 1993) is a Nigerian-American novelist and creative writing coach. She is known for her novel Children of Blood and Bone, the first in the Legacy of Orïsha trilogy published by Henry Holt Books for Young Readers,[1] which won the 2018  Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy,[2] the 2019 Waterstones Book Prize, and the 2019 Hugo Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book.[3] In 2019, she was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. In 2020, she was named to the TIME 100 Most Influential People of 2020 in the “Pioneers” category.[4]

Genre: YA Fantasy ★★★



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