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Gone Girl

On their fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne would never have anticipated that along with deciphering his wife’s treasure hunt clues he will also get into a loop of the mystery of his missing wife. 

GENRE: Fiction, thriller ,crime
AUTHOR:  Gillian Flynn

When Nick finds himself as the prime suspect and in the spotlight after the incident, many things start to transpire. Who is calling him on his disposable phone? Why is he lying to the cops? Is Nick as innocent as he is trying to make everyone else believe.

If so…what happened to the ‘Amazing Amy’? Was Nick and Amy’s married life as perfect as it appeared to her doting parents?

After losing his job and his mother becoming sick Nick moves into Missouri along with his wife, Amy Elliot. Born to doting parents she is the typical heroine…cool, wickedly funny and easy-going girl with a celebrity status. Quoting Nicka woman who did a little of everything, all the time.As an inspiration for the best-selling magazine Amy is often related to as a girl who does everything right! 

Nike Dunne is a former journalist who runs a bar with his twin, Margo… after moving back from his nearly affluent life in New York much heedless to his wife’s discontentment. He grew up haunted by his misogynist father and is victimised to an unhappy marriage. 

As the case proceeds further he ends up in a hustle of questions mysteries and lies. He is not a model husband as he pretends to be….He is aloof and definitely bitter about his marriage and his wife Amy. But are all the facts he claims true?

Published by Ash

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