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The Girl On the Train

The Girl on the Train is a mystery thriller authored by Paula Hawkins published in 2015.Rachel,the protagonist who is divorced and lives in an apartment with another roommate. She is unstable and keeps forgetting things after having blackouts. Rachel finds it challenging to move on from her old marriage and gets herself in embarrassing situations. Her life is tragically going forth with constant pass-outs, alcohol and train travelling. Even after she becomes jobless she doesn’t stop her back and forth journey on the train to New York.

The Girl On The Train: Parineeti Chopra in the film. (courtesy parineetichopra)

The girl on the train got me questioning if thrillers were my cup of tea as I hardly read this genre while I was at this book. Overall it didn’t appear like an it-goes-in-the-trash book to me. I put it down as soon as I had picked it up the first time as the beginning of the book was monotonous and yet somehow made it out of Rachel’s blabberings.

“There’s something comforting about the sight of strangers safe at home.”

Each day through her window, she amuses herself by observing a couple who lives not far away from her old house and names them “Jess and Jason”.Rachel makes up stories in her mind about them and one day she sees Jess with someone who is not Jason. The next morning she wakes up with bruises and wounds and has no hint as to what happened the previous night(not very surprising) .

And much coincidentally Jess or Megan(her real name) disappears at the same time. Now Rachel goes to the police claiming she saw Jess with someone who is not Jason. Sensibly the polices takes her as a desperate woman who is trying to get involved in the case and ignores her.

“I have lost control over everything, even the places in my head.”

The entire book has marred up characters throughout, the protagonist itself being a drunkard and unreliable.The Girl on the Train dwells around awful characters with major moral flaws. More than half of the book I had to drag myself to get it through. Then towards the end, it got better.The suspect kept switching up one after another.Many readers might have foreseen the plot twist, but I didn’t and it quite surprised me. Thankfully I didn’t ruin that for myself.

Genre: Crime thriller, fiction

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